Universal Trimmings is a New York based family owned and operated business. We are among the top manufacturer and supplier of trim, braids, cords, fringes & tassels in USA.Together as a family we have branded a casual elegance trim line filling a much needed empty space in the trimmings industry. Universal Trimmings are fringe and trimming manufacturers offering decorative trimmings for the interior design trade, along with trims for the fashion and furniture industries.

Our production techniques spans over numerous styles, such as twisting, braiding, weaving, embroidery and crocheting. Our continuous endeavor has been to keep up to the latest up to date machinery and an extensive yarn stock to broaden our possibilities and ensuring great reliable quality.

Our trims have been prominently featured in print and television. We are a wholesale fringe supplying company, offering special assistance to celebrity and bridal wardrobe designing. We are very proud of ourselves for the speedy service and high quality of products offered by us.

Be inspired by our wide range and beautifully designed collection.

We manufacture and supply specially tailored products, like cords, cut-, tassel- or bullion fringes, braids, woven and embroidered tapes. Our product range offers cord edge trimmings, metallic braids, fringe trimmings, metallic trimmings, ribbon loop fringe, loop trims, bridal trims etcThe complete product range is available from the stock and can be ordered in small quantities too! If you don't see what you require or wish for, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to customize any order, and make the process as seamless and satisfying for you.